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  • Phone: 07563854267

  • Dunbar Daytripper Festival, Cafe Lauderdale c.i.c.,
    Lauderdale Park,
    Dunbar EH42 1RP UK

Background on Dunbar Daytripper

Dunbar Daytripper is the idea and creation of Claire and Alan Gray, a local couple who have combined their passion for food and music. Claire operates the Cafe in Lauderdale park, in Dunbar. She also has her own small, artisan food company called nocowknowhow that produces allergy free foods. Alan is a musician in his spare time and has been involved in performing and writing music for many years. Also, over the past year or so, Claire and Alan have been hosting small, intimate music sessions in the Cafe Lauderdale and have a loyal following at their Juke Joint sessions.

Claire and Alan’s longer term aim is to create a music venue for local artists and bands to perform and this is how Dunbar Daytripper came about. Lauderdale park is a perfect outdoor venue, a lovely walled garden set in the heart of the town.

Being the first year of Dunbar Daytripper, any profits made are being reinvested into the park and enhanced leisure facilities, such as outdoor performance space and games.

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Here are a few site rules just to keep everyone safe and comfortable, mostly just common sense but here it is in black & white.

  • When do the gates open? Site opens at 12 and shuts by 8pm.
  • When does the music start? Music performances begin at 14.30pm and finish by 8.00pm.
  • Glass containers of any kind are not permitted on any of the festival sites.
  • Alcohol is not allowed to be brought on to the festival site. Anyone found with alcohol not purchased through the licensed seller will have it confiscated or they will be removed from the site. Add bag searches will be conducted.
  • Can I smoke? In accordance with the law, SMOKING is not permitted within marquees or other wholly or substantially enclosed public spaces.
  • Can I bring my dog? NO PETS are allowed on the festival site, car parks or campsite except assistance dogs.
  • Due to the risk of fire spreading Open Fires (inc. barbeques, all solid fuel and liquid fuel based fires) are strictly prohibited throughout the festival site and car parks.
  • Any person carrying illegal items or carrying out illegal activity will be refused entry and maybe handed over to the Police.
  • Please use the bins and recycling points provided on and off site.
  • All tickets include access to the designated car parking.
  • Blue badge holders may park by the park’s gates in the designated area.